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 Flying Warthog Mod v1.2

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Flying Warthog Mod v1.2 Empty
PostSubject: Flying Warthog Mod v1.2   Flying Warthog Mod v1.2 Icon_minitimeTue Jun 05, 2007 5:06 am

Long Discription: The newest update to Halo Trial: Flying Warthog Mod.

Version 1.2:
Better turning, faster, and easier to control.

All that plus an easy installation program (Clickteam.com) to make installing and uninstalling the mod much easier.

Note: before you leave any comments, read this: This mod is for Halo Trial only, and no, I didn't just click on "make hog fly" to get this mod. It went quite a bit beyond that. Read more information to find out what else I did...

Mod description on http://www.geocities.com/echoranger449/home_page

Here's a few of the upgrades

-higher jump 5x
fast walking and squatting speeds and accelerations
-massive plasma grenade explosions
-A warthog/pelican
-ctrl to land, spacebar to take off and fly
-driver controlled turret that fires tank shells
-deadly fuel rod with zoom
-battle-rifle-like firing sniper rifle
-immune to falling
-plasma grenades go farther

Note: the mod was made using halo map tools 3.5 and modified the halo trial version map; full version users might not be able to use the mod.

If you have technical difficulties with the mod, go to my homepage and look under troubleshooting

When the mod is complete, i will add the flying warthog to the campaign mission; however, more improvements on the warthog's flight physics might be implemented somtime between the next few months, In other words, if you have a suggestion (like, make the hog decelerate faster) please tell me. I appreciate any kind of feedback you can provide for me.

Oh, and sorry this delayed for four months!

Note: mod progress site is a little behind, I will try to update it soon. Feel free to email me at echoranger449@yahoo.com

Sorry about the wait; but hey, there is a whole lot better HALO TRIAL mods out there, and this is merely my first experiment.

File: Flying_Warthog_Mod_v1.2.zip

Size: 1.65 MB

Link: [url=http://files.filefront.com/Halo_Trial_Flying_Warthog_Mod_v12/;5475863;/fileinfo.html]http://files.filefront.com/Halo_Trial_Flying_Warthog_Mod_v12/;5475863;/fileinfo.html[/url]
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Flying Warthog Mod v1.2
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