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you can find mods for halo trial-(free version), ce-(custom edition), 1.7-(halo full), and Halo2 (Windows Vista PC) here Enjoy :) Fill Free to Sign up :D Admins: Fanged Taim, Drag
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 Halo Hacker Tools

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PostSubject: Halo Hacker Tools   Halo Hacker Tools Icon_minitimeTue Jun 05, 2007 2:05 pm

Once you have unzipped the main folder and installed all the programs inside the setup file,
Open up HHT (Halo Hacker Tools) by clicking on the .exe file inside the HHT folder.
Now go to File -> Open and find where your halo maps are stored in your computer.
These files are stored under where you originally installed the Halo PC files.
If you are unsure of where you saved the halo folder make sure to check the default "C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesHaloMAPS" .
Once you open up the MAPS folder, click on the map you wanted to mod. Yes, you must mod each map seperatly.
Before you do any editing, I highly recommend copying the .map file that you will be modding into another folder
so if you screw up something and it wont let you play the map that, you can just copy and paste the .map file back into MAPS and overwrite the existing file.

File: hht_v5.zip

Size: 168.02 KB

Link: http://files.filefront.com/Halo_Hacker_Tools/;3944203;/fileinfo.html
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Halo Hacker Tools
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