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 Paintball Gulch

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PostSubject: Paintball Gulch   Paintball Gulch Icon_minitimeTue Jun 05, 2007 2:32 pm



TO INSTALL THIS MOD U NEED PPF O MATIC 3 and winrar or winzip

Here is what has been included in the update:

1: Finished automatic paintball gun model finished
2: Different colored paintballs
3: Picking up guns bug fixed*
* You still have a small problem. Every gun can be picked up normally, but you cannot pick up new
ammo for the gun you hold in your hands when you start the game. You must pick up a new gun first,
then when you walk over the same type of gun, you will pick up new ammo

What it is:
Paintball Gulch is a Halo PC mod which turns the multiplayer map Bloodgulch into a paintballer's
dream. Original guns are now turned into paintball guns and frags are converted to paint grenades.
This mod uses all new sounds and skins to bring out one of the most realistic paintball mods that
Halo has ever seen.

1: Make backups of the original maps bloodgulch.map, sounds.map, and bitmaps.map and put them in
new folder somewhere on your computer (ex: My Documents)

2: Apply sounds.ppf to your sounds.map in your halo maps folder using PPF-O-Matic or any other
program that applys .ppf files.

3:Apply bitmaps.ppf to your bitmaps.map in your halo maps folder using PPF-O-Matic or any other
program that applys .ppf files.

4:Apply bloodgulch.ppf to your bloodgulch.map in your halo maps folder using PPF-O-Matic or any other
program that applys .ppf files.

5: Open up halo, start a new game in bloodgulch, and enjoy the new map, sounds, and skins! Be sure
to make the game a LAN game. Otherwise, people who don't have the mod will be able to join and they
will get, shall we say, "undesired results".

Suggested style of Play:
To get a full paintball expierience, please follow these steps. (These steps are not required, they
only enhance the gameplay)

1) Start Halo

2) Go under multiplayer, and select edit gametypes. Create a new game type and name it "Paintball"
or something along those lines.

3) Under game options select slayer. Make it teamplay. Set the kill limit to however many people you
plan on having in your server.

4) Under player options, set the number of lives to 1. This will mean whenever an entire team is
eliminated, the other team will be declared the winner

5) Leave options under vehicles and items alone. Vehicles are not in this map anyway and items
can't be changed. (You may edit grenades options under the item tab however)

6) Edit any options under teamplay and indicator to your liking.

7) Start up a new game using this new gametype and have fun playing realistic with your buddies!


Semi-automatic paintball gun: Fires very extremly fast and acurate paintballs. There is a small
curve downwards when firing long distances. Capable of traveling accross the map.

Automatic Paintball Gun: Fires multiple paintballs at a time very quickly. Very inaccurate from far
distances, but is extremly powerful close up. Capable of traveling accross the map.

Paint Grenade: Sprays blue paint over anything in it's path. Explodes in a 10 foot diameter.


-Trees and rocks are scattered throughout the map for protection from incoming paintballs
-Barriers can be found all over the map. These wooden barriers protect from any attack by the
enemy. Which barrier belongs to which team can be determined by the color of the lights on top.


Semi-automatic paintball gun model: This model looks almost identical to most paintball guns. A
co2 tank is located below the barrel and a hopper can be found on the top of the gun. The barrel
has been extended also. The gun has been re-skinned so it resembles a paintball gun more than
ever (although some people think it makes it look like a covie gun Very Happy )

Automatic paintball gun: This model has not yet been completed. It does have a co2 tank and an
longer barrel, but it still has it's original skin and it lacks a hopper. It still looks very
much like the original model also. I will hopefully have a new model when I finish the update.

First of all, I would like to thank WaLKa. He originally helped me out with the mod and gave me
some great tips. I owe the good paint splatters to him because mine looked like crap! He also
gave support and feedback I needed. Thanx WaLKa!

Next I would like to thank Grenadiac for sparkedit and Monoxide for HMT! Thx guys

I would also like to thank the nice people in the chats and forums (like Vegito) who gave me
feedback and advice. Thx!

Last, I would like to thank you! If you are reading this, that means you have downloaded my mod.
For this, you are my biggest supporter. Thank you!

Thank you all for downloading my mod. I hope you enjoy it and future versions that I may make!
Have fun playing paintball!

File: paintball_gulch.rar

Size: 480.56 KB

Link: http://files.filefront.com/Paintball_Gulch/;5966848;/fileinfo.html
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Paintball Gulch
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